Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Still running...whoops, writing

Well, well, well
I've hit my first milestone and then kept on running.
I truly can''t believe it.

Its no secret I lack a writers commitment, which is compounded by a lack of objective writing goals.
(And I am seriously not a runner!)

BUT this NaNoWriMo totally crazy, mad, nutso goal of 50, 0000 words, no matter what, seems to be thawing the procrastinator ice cap.


Now that I've found out how to scramble my work and then upload my words for validation and watched the little graph go UP  UP UP I am...
...totally excited.

I've broken the 5,000 word (1st Milestone)' totally whipped it's skinny little arse :-)


 I've skidded past the 10,000 word (2nd milestone) still with tonnes of creative wind in my sails..

We're 5 days in - I'm keen to keep up the pace, turn up to the keyboard, let it roll.

And below a little sneak preview of a few words just for you...but only if you're remotely interested and as committed to reading without judging or editing or critiquing, which is exactly how I'm writing at the moment. (words first...works later).  :-)


He was there she could hear him fumbling with the old brass lock at the back door. And finally when the lock released she heard him falling in to the kitchen, the door banging on the small pantry at its back, the screech of metal  chair legs across the boards, a falling pot, a shout. Silence. Even the walls ceased to groan.

 Gwen pulled her blanket close, eyes wide, knees curled up tight; and reached to hold a spindly  bar on the cot beside her bed. The twins slept; sweet angel breath and curls of stale breast milk formed a halo in the darkness. 

More later. Bye for Now.


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