Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sink or Swim

Still doing it. Looking at my word count now and wondering how I can stretch this baby out.
Currently sitting on 22, 572 words..

WooHoo. Next goal 30,000.

(And then only 20,000 more to go. Its creeping up...I look to the future and wonder wow how am I going get there. But the story seems to have a way of unravelling itself in to strange and unexpected places.)

One of my characters has just spent 2 weeks living under a bridge on the edge of a city. 

I mean, COME ON! Where did that come from?

I woke up this morning, walked out onto the vernadah, looked at the trees, birds, sky, everything really and said out loud "How on earth am I going to move this character along to get to X and be doing X  by X."

I had no answer tonight but I had to get writing. Right?

So I :

  • Picked out a saying from a book "Sink or Swim"
  • Picked up a pen and poured some ink into 10 mins of stream of consciousness
  • Which transformed itself magically into a further 10 mins of freefall

And bang ... character has self-verbed into a satisfactory future AND
 a sturdy effort toward tonight's word count goal .

MAGIC. I tell ya!

If you're interested (to be read in the non-judging, non-editing tradition of free-fall) for you a ...


In class she is a tenacious and vigorous student devouring ink and stats. She caresses her books affectionately. Appreciates their sturdy mass and considers them the bricks that house her future.

In the library she is an avid researcher. She is obsessed with parallels that discuss her life when at the time she was a living ghost of the walls within. The great discourse that narrated her existence from the outside; yet failed to find her. She has liberated herself; and now she is the link that bridges the slippery valleys of that divide. 

D x

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