Friday, 8 November 2013

How many words?

I was aiming to crack the big 15,000. Not quite there;

BUT a very healthy 14,495 words.
Hooly Dooly. I am happy with that.

TRUTH: I had a  bit of a battle tonight.

Really I should have just sat down and started to write afresh. But alas I decided to transcribe some of my handwritten notes that were quickly filigreed in the coffee shop this morning.

Nothing wrong with them but I have discovered that once I am transcribing Little Miss Editor wants to place her sticky-beak-pen in and then, well the flow stops, the back and forth, delete, check, re-read little devil with red pointy ears begins to shriek and point out where improvements could be made or attempted.

So a great discovery ... 
only transcribe when I have completely no other mojo or 
just as a hand warm up rather than an actual creative purge.

I sent Little Miss Editor  packing anyway. I told her that while I appreciated her ability she could  'Pee off'  back to her office out the back and wait until I called her. She was happy to do that.

But by then creative zap had withered a little, Friday night fatigue got comfy and the words a bit clunky. Still I got some frames put together. they can be revisited and decorated and hung with tasty detail a little later. (AFTER NOVEMBER ;-) )

I can't believe I've got this far. AMAZING. And because I've got this far
 I am MOTIVATED to keep on going. And tomorrow being
Saturday who knows what might HAPPEN (after the housework of course).

And I can confidently say that 'Housework' is not a procrastinator disguised in an old t-shirt, carrying a vacuum cleaner for protection. It gives me time to go inside my head and let flutters of poetic possibility coagulate or coalesce into whimsy and aha's and what-ifs.

So below, another unedited, free-flow paragraph/taster. But only if you're up for it.


When he saw her he felt that old tension creep back into his belly. That caged fucking animal that could not get out; that had to drop its tail and slink away from the bright of day. Women made him nervous. They just had to look you in the eye when they spoke. Had to ask so many fuckin’ stupid questions. And stare waiting for an answer or filling in the space if he wasn’t quick enough.

He felt that scarlet train seep up the wall of ribs and roar toward his chest; packed up his tools and walked back to the shed.

Lv D


  1. Hi Dawn, Keep up the excellent flow of words, well done you. I know how difficult it must be to looking at that "coal face" of 5000 words each day but it sounds as though you are well on your way to clambering up to the top and shouting "Hooray!" My congratulations and thoughts are with you and may my positive vibes be received by you to encourage and inspire you to keep chipping away until the gem you are sculpting is revealed.
    Happy Writing, Jane (from Milmeray in October ;-)

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for your beautiful encouragement and well wishes. I'll tuck them into my pocket of motivational tools...Love Dawn