Saturday, 9 November 2013

A quick update

Slammed it. 16,000 words folks.

A slog today. A sketchy chapter that I'm defo going to have to go back to. I feel like the story is in there but it lacks atmosphere, or depth. It could be a connector. Anyway I've done it.

And a slight awakening of possibility today for one of my MCs. Just a glimpse of what could be.
Not saying anymore.
I'll post another excerpt tomorrow.
Until then ... I am going to flop on the big soft couch with my husband and reassure him that he is truly more important to me than 1500 words a day...(maybe some little breakaway ideas or mini plots will have time to ease up through my to relaxed mind muscles.
I'll keep a note pad handy ;-)

I'm on track, a little ahead in fact. Yey!
Another successful day.

Lv D

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