Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Carving through the wall


Update time! Another 1700 words tonight. Yey :-)

Riding on the fast horse, got my 'come-on-girl-get-on-with-it' whip out tonight.
Intention was good. I even had an idea about the chapter I was going to work through. That went out of the window.

First sentence clumsy but I decided to carry on. Just kept tapping the qwerty. My fingers were beginning to warm up. And so was my excitement.

I could feel the awkwardness; like I wasn't letting it flow in the right direction.
I had to trust that I could let go of the reins and at some point the story would take over did.
Its a good thing - Trust.

The outcome only a fragment of what I'd planned in terms of covering a section of story...BUT it really spaced out a gap for me. One that I knew was there but had no idea how (or when) I was going to build a bridge of words and/or worlds to span it.

I'm happy with the outcome. I'm surprised at the turn of events. One of  my main character's (MC) is beginning to freak me out. She is cooking on the inside.

So another sharing. Unedited word- flow free-fall' will all get polished later. Read with care....


Unknowingly and even innocently Shaz’s unidentifiable beast had stormed its fiery tongue into a leading National newspaper. She didn’t have to beg for editorial space, or send media releases into an un-answering abyss. She’d carved through an ‘ol’ boys school’ wall with-out even noticing the brickwork. Her naivety was both her sword and her shield. And her growing following, both for and against, became her job security. 

More to follow.
Love D

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