Saturday, 16 November 2013

Jumped ahead

Bugle call.
Drum roll.
Word count  28,666

I am not kidding! I am thrilled. Creeping toward the big three zero.

So in reflection. Its been a tricky couple of days. Some linking plots were short on words and sharp in content. But rather than mope around in despair I accepted that was that and jumped ahead.

I propelled into a future event that I know is going to happen. 

I know because I've been mulling it over for a while now. So I started playing with the back end of the novel.

So just as I thought I'd got into the swing of accelerating in a timeline driven linear progression the brakes came on.

I had to re-check the time-space map and go where the energy is/was. 

Or more precisely where the story was beckoning.  And then a U-turn back to the middle, where the abrupt short chapters now seem more fitting and a great platform to continue driving....

I'm intrigued how the story takes over. I ask "Ok. What are we going to do today?' And there's an almost instant response. Sometimes I baulk and think 'how can I write about that?' But I ve learned to trust whatever gets tapped out is whats meant to come; I can go back and fix up troubled spots later. For now its simply get the story out.

Todays treat....


...together they, dissolved the tension of the seas skin and baptized their unease into a silent watery promise of a new tomorrow. 


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