Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Some Softness

At last.
Something soft and sweet has emerged. 
Where it has surfaced and the reasons why may not be so sweet ... but that it has arrived is fantastic.

I feel a sense of relief today as I write a character into a transitional period of his life. I can feel my writing trying to slow, to get the pace right...not an easy transition when the pace so far has been a little intense to say the least. And although I know I haven't quite nailed it...I'm glad to have got this bit of the story down.

I will return to wrap it with the tissue paper and soften the edges at a later date..

Anyway.... love is in the air... and that's all I'm saying :-)

Oh and the current Word Count is 31675 ... and to sweeten you up a ...


He felt the softness of her thigh, the curve of her belly and  the warm and gentle cushion of her breasts as he  landed peacefully on the soft wind of her breath.


See ya 

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