About Dawny

I'm a regular, mother, housewife, friend, community member, trainer, facilitator, consultant, community and cultural development professional, social anthropologist, yogini who enjoys to write. Sometimes a little and other times a lot.

Writing is both a creative past time and a tool for me to reflect on my inner menaderings and unpack some of lifes mysteries and confusions.

I live in a beautiful part of the planet and I am very fortunate to have lots of opportunity to be outdoors in nature, in all weather, in the sunshine, winter rain or beneath big starry skies both dark and moonlit.

I can  be quite fascinated by the awesome vastness and the millions of miniscule impacts that each element has on the other. And I'm often memerised or distratcted by the beauty, inspiration and deep reaching effect the great outdoors and all creatures great and small  has upon me. Touching me so deeply sometimes that there are no words or explanations - just a feeling - something stirring or waking up. And sometimes a remembering.

I feel like perhaps I 've reached a point where I am slowly letting the outside come in and Im ready to let my inside come out.  So perhaps this is where I may share some of that. So this is playtime :-) The light and the dark of it.

Love Dawny