Sunday, 26 May 2013

Somebody's Book Launch

I went to a book launch this afternoon at the Old Butter Factory Gallery.

I went for several reasons. And one of them was not because I knew the author ...because I didn't.

I'd received the general email invitation several times and each time I thought I'll just see what I'm up to on Sunday afternoon and made no commitment. I didn't RSVP to assist the organisers planning. I didn't check if any of my other writer/ reader  friends were attending.
I also didn't completely let go of the possibility of going.

For some reason or other I was curious. Something was drawing me in.
Something was compelling me to attend. So I did.

And I'm rather glad that I did.

In addition to catching up with a few people that I know I had the opportunity to listen to an excellent conversation between the author and another published author from the region.

Questions about the story, actually writing the story,
the journey of getting the story on paper, about the drafting and publishing process and more were all interesting.  But today to me they seemed more poignant. I felt like I could identify a little more with the process. Of course I'm a long way off publishing a novel. It's not even on my radar.
 I have realised today though that it might be on my far-dar. 

Given that I've only just managed to summon the time and courage to squeeze a short story into an envelope on a journey to an unknown reader, you can imagine how silly I felt (quietly on the inside) about being titillated by the idea that I may attempt a novel in the future.
(The very far-dar future :-).

Beside that far-dar possibility I also spoke to a couple of friends who I've known now for a few years, not closely, just occasionally meeting in different circles or community projects. And both of these lovely women are also exploring the world of writing. One has established a blog to share some of her other creative muse, and one has already written 20,000 words of her first novel and has never written anything before.
 I was so inspired by these two quiet, creative lovelies in my midst.

Over the past month, as I have decided to commit to actually be a writer, several little windows of connection and sharing have presented to me. These latter two based on our short conversations in a conducive environment (i.e. book launch), have led to a soft igniting of some connections based on our shared creative unfolding. 

It's all about taking little steps in the right direction. I'm glad I followed the hunch to just attend the launch today. It was a good 'feeling'. It was an unintentional networking opportunity. Perhaps for the three of us as we continue to explore, unfurl, unfold or basically just turn up to the page, we can support and celebrate each other. Quietly and gently of course until we are strong and / or confident enough for a little bit more attention.

So I'm grateful for the invite to a book launch of  somebody I didn't know.  

And  yes I bought a book. Of course I did :-)

Love Dawn


  1. Hi Dawn - it was good to catch up with you at the book launch - and excited for you that you have bungy jumped into sending your writing out into the world - the next jump should be easier?? but just as exciting??