Friday, 31 May 2013

Just Delicious

I've just finished writing up the run sheet for myself and a local poet friend (whom I've also recently discoverd plays the Cello! Yes hello - the Cello!).
What's a 'run-sheet'? 'Run-sheet' is the word combo that I'm using to describe a collection of words, prose, poetry, cello, singing bells
 that run together to create a recital.
It is the running order if you like. And this particular one is the runing order for a short recital that I'm doing with a friend on the week-end as part of the regional Festival of  Voice
I love working with this particular poet becaus she has a real feel for words;
as if they are singing up through the land and through her. 
I always find her work deeply touching so its
a real treat for me to be able to 'play' with her.
And seriously she also plays the Cello.
Well me, I looove the Cello. :-)
We've intertwined some of our own poetry or prose, into a unique arrangement that tapestries our voices, our words, her Cello and my Tibetan Singing Bowls (yes I'm the least musical in the mob).
It's a short performance piece that is part of a longer concert recital. Also involved are two other prose and poetry writers, and six musician / singer-songwriters.
The whole recital is wrapped around the theme
 'Shorelines' and runs for about 50 minutes.
Yep! It's totally original, words, composition, sounds and run sheet!
We're performing in a little Anglican Church that was built in 1899.
Inside there is a cool Gothic arch in the sanctuary. The outside walls are clad in Karri ( a local hardwood) weather boards, now painted dark red, and the inside walls and ceilings are Baltic pine  reflecting the influence of early Norwegian settlers and mill workers in the region. The pews are very stern and upright. So upright in-fact when sitting in them you feel like you are about to be
propelled into the pulpit.
It's very quaint and totally fitting for our eclectic ode to
the shorelines and the oceans of the south coast.

I'm not so keen on the performance with audience part ...BUT .. the very loose organic creative process of getting to this point has been totally joyful and uplifting AND ...GREAT FUN!
I am so grateful to be able to play like this with really inspiring and talented people.
And the most fan-tab-u-lous thing is....there's more fun coming. More writing to be done, more drawing to be smudged, more creative x-collaborations to unpack-discover-unpack-discover, and more sharings to be offered and devoured. 
Just delicious! The whole darn lot of it.
Love Dawn :-)

P.s Writing about Shorelines has just reminded me about Songlines another little creative venture I joined in at the Brave New Works festival earlier this year. I'll tell you a little more about that one later. ;-)

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