Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Getting Excited

Yep! Something's happening. I can feel it. I'm feeling inspired.

 This week I've written a short story. In fact I believe it's the first short story I've written for many years. So many years I'm not even sure where any of the historic attempts are. But the MAIN point is this: I'm going to submit it to a couple of competitions. I have NEVER EVER done this before. It's NEW!

Recently I spent some time travelling in New Zealand (where I grew up). I visited ageing relatives and hooked up with old schools friends.

Visiting the old country with new eyes was fantastic. Laughing, joking, reminiscing with old friends added to the joy. Consequently I have plenty of new fodder to write about, new ideas to play with and, well, I'm inspired.

Like I said I can feel it. This excitement bubbling up inside me. Not a ferocious passionate fire that I may have had in my 20's or even 30's. No this is more a steady flame that would like to twirl around the fire in a steady dance that can be sustained and not burn out. This is a new energy. It is mature, insanely creative, and ready to tango.

Oh yeah!

I'm off to quickly jot down some more short story, prose or poetry ideas....while they're here flickering through my veins; tickling me on the inside.

More soon.
Love Dawn

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