Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Long Day

It's nearly Christmas; and supposed to be summer! The sky is full of marbled grey clouds that seem to have lost their direction and have decided to hover in waiting for some seasonal wind to blow them on their way. They cast an interesting backdrop as the summer sun streams insistent light beams through the finer spots and smiles reassuringly across the tree tops.

Today has been so enjoyably long; helping a friend get blogging, visiting my parents who are themselves visiting the region and dropping off, picking up (repeat) my sons at various locations. A long day of flow. Each moment flowing into another. One part finishing in perfect timing for the next to begin. I'm sure that's always the way - just today I have really noticed this perfect unfolding.

And now we are all home listening to the patter of a very gentle rain. It feels like the clouds are bidding us farewell.  Perhaps they will be gone by morning.

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