Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Two phone calls and one blog

Today I had two phone calls and a blog to read. All from friends currently in their own travels upon lands of  warmth and sunshine. Descriptions of hot winds, unbearbale midday heat, stunning desert landscapes and 360 degree sunsets warmed me up a little. Their stories touched my heart and prodded me forth into the weather of my own southern WA climate.

Winter! Brilliant and sharp. Todays piercing rain splattered into a frenzy of polka dot micro-puddles before completely disappearng. Blocks of slate grey cloud, approached, encroached, released then left.

And in their wake aquine drops laced the forest undergrowth and shivered to a shimmer in the post-pour breeze. Long delicate fringes of stubborn WA shrubs draped like well trained ballerinas - pointing to the soggy organic ground and whispering wet secrets and promises to their unseen tangle of roots and rich supporting soils.

Reaching low creamy shafts of late day winter sun stroked the pathway of the early storm; softly reassuring and caressing the outer skin of plants, animals and humans - while the light reached deeper in.

Wherever there is weather there is inspiration; and as there is always weather, no matter where we are, then we can say there is always inspiration.

Have a great day wherever you are.

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