Friday, 21 February 2014

Deliberate Practice

Hi y'all

Just thought I'd post a couple of my little 10 - 15 minute practices.

These are daily practice pieces in response to The Write Practice deliberate practice sessions posted 6 days a week. Worth checking out if you're in need for
a little inspiration to get the inky bits jiggling. :-)

Prompt - Bring your Setting to Life - a 10 minute practice

The shock ripped through her; the floorboards reached up; grabbed her calves. His voice echoed down the greasy black passage way. Its eternal dark tunnel swallowing the acid bite of old man words.

She stood alone. Solitary in the middle of the swirling room as it spun a tangled web of taunts from yester–years, and spat from its darkened corners and unpolished recesses, three generations of unspoken shame.

“I’ve known for a long time,” she called into quivering walls, where peeling paint hissed and sneered at her claims. “I’m not going to pretend anymore,” she added bravely.

The front door whipped open wide; its creaking rusted hinges rasped an invitation to leave; to walk away from the smear of past mistakes and lies. She obliged; lifted her skirt to her knees and took flight into the crisp silver promise of the moonlit night.

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